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We’re a family-owned and locally-operated 24-hour tow company serving Gunnison Valley and the surrounding regions including Crested Butte and Lake City. The Navidi family has roots in the automotive repair and towing business for over 4 decades, bringing you industry-leading techniques and high-quality equipment to tackle any challenging vehicle recovery, transport, or towing need. From personal vehicles to commercial fleets, trust us to go anywhere to get the job done for you.

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Take Care of Your Vehicle with Fast 24-Hour Towing and Roadside Services

No matter where you are in the Gunnison Valley and beyond, we can dispatch towing and roadside specialists to resolve your vehicle emergency or handle a heavy-duty hauling need. Call us today for your free quote.

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Reliable Towing Near You Since 1983

With nearly 40 years of successful towing and recovery jobs throughout the state and many thousands of satisfied customers, people continue to choose us for the peace of mind and integrity our team brings to their roadside emergencies. Quick & Cost-Effective Roadside Services

Quick & Cost-Effective Roadside Services

As Gunnison’s largest and only authorized AAA roadside assistance service provider, we’ve helped thousands of drivers with AAA towing, battery jumpstarts, lockouts, flat tire changes, and fuel deliveries. Count on us to deliver fast roadside aid 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

Heavy-Duty Towing & Equipment Transportation

From all towing jobs to heavy-duty hauling and transportation services, we can handle whatever tough situation you find your vehicle in. Call our team for off-road recoveries and industry specialization in commercial vehicle towing, construction equipment transportation, and more.


Gary Justis
Gary Justis
There is not a better towing company in Gunnison County than H&H Towing and I know the difference. Recently on the cold, snowy late evening/early morning of Feb. 16-17, 2024, my new EV ran out of energy just 6 miles from my home in Crested Butte. I contacted OnStar who dispatched CB Towing out of Crested Butte to tow my EV to a charging station. The OnStar rep seemed confused where I needed to be towed, but I knew I could clear up any confusion with any reasonable local tow truck driver. When the CB Towing driver arrived, he was unprofessional and uncaring. When I asked where he was instructed to tow my vehicle, he grunted and simply pointed to CB South. When I told him the OnStar rep was confused and that I was to be towed to downtown CB (close to my home), he angered and told me I would have to pay for the extra miles. I told him I could not be potentially stranded in CB South with no way home in this snowstorm, his exact words were "Man, that is your problem, not mine." I told him I was going to contact OnStar to get the mistake corrected. He got angrier. I got in my vehicle while the CB Towing driver continued to yell at me through my driver's side window. I cracked my window, told him to unhook my vehicle, and said I was working with OnStar to get another towing company dispatched. Josh, the owner of CB Towing, called me, started yelling at me, and physically threatened me, a 59-yr old man, based on an innocent mistake by OnStar. Moreover, CB Towing had no qualms whatsoever about leaving me stranded during a snow storm on a frigid night, a nightmare scenario for any driver needing emergency services. H&H Towing was the second towing company dispatched by OnStar to my location that night. My encounter with Jason at H&H Towing could not have been more diametrically opposite that my unfortunate encounter with CB Towing earlier that evening. When Josh arrived at my location, he could not have been more warming and caring first and foremost about my well being. He apologized for the time it took to get to me and offered to let me sit in his warm cab while he hooked up my EV to his tow truck. He was efficient and professional, and continued to be far more concerned about how I was doing than anything else. Even though he was also having a busy night, he was taking his time to make sure my new EV was treated properly and that I continued to be warm and comfortable. After Jason towed me to the proper location where my EV could be charged enough to get to my home just a couple of miles away, the new EV was still having difficulty starting. Since it was brand new, I did not realize at the time it needed at least enough charge for a 15-mile range before it would start. Since it wouldn't start at first, I contacted OnStar and they again dispatched Jason at H&H Towing to tow my EV the last 2 miles to my home. When Jason was about halfway back to my location, my EV started and I was able to drive home. I contacted OnStar again to cancel the second tow from H&H Towing. Not only was Jason from H&H Towing not upset at all that he got dispatched a second time and that I cancelled the second tow, but he called me on my cell phone later that early morning to make sure I made it home safe and sound. What tow truck driver exhibits that type of kindness and caring? Just compare my wonderful experience with Jason and H&H Towing to my horrifying experience earlier that same cold, snowy evening with CB Towing, its driver, and its owner Josh. H&H Towing's website talks about the fact it has been an ongoing family-owned company out of Gunnison for more than 4 decades. I experienced that "family" experience firsthand the early morning of Feb. 17th, right after I was pre-judged, treated in an uncaring and unprofessional manner, physically threatened, and stranded by CB Towing earlier that cold, snowy night. If you ever need towing or other emergency services, H&H Towing is the best choice in the Crested Butte and Gunnison County area, while CB Towing is the absolute worst choice.
Jarod Smith
Jarod Smith
The most accommodating and helpful tow company I’ve ever worked with. Competent and pleasant folks to work with. Helped me out big time
Kaela Trutner
Kaela Trutner
I had a really good experience with h&h during a stressful and complicated situation this weekend. Excellent/responsive communication, empathetic customer service, fair price, and helpful flexibility (while also prioritizing the safety of their drivers) After skidding off the road at 2 am on a snowy/icy night, Dylan at H&H was able to get to me over 10 miles away within 30 min. I was on my way from Denver to Crested Butte and he worked with me in real time (again, at 2:30 in the morning)) as I made and changed plans to be. picked up - his flexibility and advice were really helpful. I also needed a tow to get back to Denver and zak from h&h was incredibly communicative, quick to respond, and helpful with evaluating different options for getting my car over 200 miles. The business is well-run and customer-oriented.
Julie Klug
Julie Klug
I love H&H towing. Being a small town, they totally helped me get through AAA with a very personal response. They listened and communicated with me. And in the end, H&H personally made our tow happen. I was frustrated with AAA. But Zack from H&H cut through all of it and got it done. Thank you to Zack and Jason.
Logan Fisher
Logan Fisher
Got me out very quickly. Friendly guys
Cathy Smith
Cathy Smith
My daughter’s car broken in a cold snow storm. She got another ride home since it was cold. They got her car and kept us posted on every step of transport. Super nice people to work with. They understood our concerns as parents and reiterated to us what was already communicated to our daughter. On top of all that they towed her car to our mechanic 180 miles away. Thank you thank you thank you so much for the excellent service from beginning to end.
These guys have helped me out on several occasions with both towing and jump-starting my old and very problematic car. They always go above and beyond by not only helping me get back on the road, but making sure there are no other issues and that I can make it to where I'm going safely. With the latest call they even got me into their shop within minutes and back on the road in under an hour. Generally just a great group of really friendly and knowledgeable people.
Travis Milner
Travis Milner
I can’t speak highly enough of H&H! I was recently in a bind and Zak and Jason were life savers! Huge shout out to this company!
Zack O'Dell
Zack O'Dell
Happy was awesome, huge help!

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